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"The Welfare Reforms workshop is extremely beneficial for staff, tenants and board members in ensuring organisations can pro-actively prepare to minimise the negative financial impact of these major reforms, on future income received from Housing Benefit and on arrears. "

Maria Murphy,
CEX, Derby Homes

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Assertiveness - Stand up for your rights, whilst respecting the rights of others

Assertiveness is "standing up for your rights, whilst respecting the rights of other" Ken and Kate Back - "Assertiveness at Work"

Assertiveness is the behaviour that underpins effective communication. Being assertive means being honest to yourself and others, having the ability to say directly what it is you want, need or feel, but not at the expense of others. 

Whether at work or in your personal lives, assertiveness is the foundation for professional and respectful relationships. 

If you want to be assertive or want your staff to have the skill to deal with your customers/clients assertively then this course is for you.


People who will benefit greatly from attending this course are:

  • Managers/Team Leaders
  • Customer Service Staff/Front Line Staff
  • Professionals who regularly deal with the public


What will they learn:

  • A detailed overview of the different behaviours that exist
  • An understanding of Aggressive, Passive, Passive/Aggressive behaviour
  • The importance and the benefits of assertiveness


This course is designed around you and your personal/organisational needs and will allow you to use your personal experiences and create similar situations through role plays, presentation and discussions. If you want to be assertive then this course is for YOU!


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LIN trainer Nadia Kauser is a Qualified Benefits technician with over 16 years experience of working in Local Government, within the Benefits Department. Currently working as a Client & Subsidy officer, she is responsible for the daily monitoring of the Housing & Council Tax Benefit contract, which has been outsourced to Liberata. Nadia ensures that the correct Regulations and Legislation have been applied to the Housing and Council Tax Benefit claims processed by Liberata. She has an excellent understanding of all Social Security Benefits and of Welfare Reform and its impact on both landlords and tenants. Nadia has developed finely honed negotiation skills which she uses when working with Liberata and other local key stakeholders.

Prior to this role Nadia worked as a Benefits Assessor and a Customer Service Officer.  Nadia has excellent communication skills she has always maintained a high level of expertise in her work.

Nadia has spent some considerable time delivering training sessions in Customer Services, Welfare Reform and Welfare Rights training courses and workshops.


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